The Story of AMWI

We believe every hard working Recruiter and every great Company deserves to find the talent they are looking for. Inspired by this ideal, we built AMWI from the ground up to solve staffing's biggest challenges using Artificial Intelligence. Our AI Technologies help recruiters become more productive, by saving their valuable time for story-telling and employer branding.

At AMWI, humans and machines join forces every day to build a better future for employers and job-seekers. Nothing signifies this partnership better than the name AMWI itself. When we failed to secure a trademark for our Company through more common sounding business names, our talented Data Scientists came to the rescue. They combined the research on phonoaesthetic names with an AI model to come up with a shortlist of unique names, which was put to an internal (human) poll to select AMWI. Getting a trademark on AMWI was a breeze! To recognize this joint endeavor, we decided to include the abstract image of a neural network in our logo. We believe this partnership between humans and AI is also the future of recruiting.

What Sets Us Apart


Deeper AI

We are an AI-first Company. We believe that AI, if used rightly, can make the world a better place.


Better Engineering

We believe that a better engineering is critical to improving the user experience and creating value. At AMWI, we build our Engineering to scale and reliability. And we take pride in being an Engineering focused company.


Strong Core Values

Our values – Passion, Respect, Integrity, and Excellence are the basis for our daily business and our business relations. Each and every person at AMWI makes a contribution to our respectful working environment.


Diversity & Inclusion

At AMWI, diversity is essential to our success. It helps us develop better ideas, understand our customers, and foster an environment where people from all backgrounds can contribute to our business.